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Installing your new PWC Cover General Instructions.

When installing for the first time the elastic must be adjusted as tight as possible after installation.
Some covers may have instructions for your model inside the box.
In general to tighten, install the cover starting with either the handlebar area or front (depending on model) then proceed to install the front.

The cover can now be pulled towards the back of PWC to finish the installation.  The cover will be a tight fit and will just cover the gunwale on most models. If the cover is too short on the back recheck the front for any excess or that you may have installed the cover backwards. The cover should now be ready to go.

Please refer to the enclosed sheet with your cover regarding specific instructions for your brand, PLEASE READ AND SAVE the warranty information as each manufacturer has different policies and terms and your sheet from them contains this information.

Please note some covers may have mirror pockets these are not handlebar pockets.
The handlebar area may have extra material sewn inside for protection.

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