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A Quick Guide to Order Status

Order Received:
These are orders that have come in and not yet been printed. Either it is not business hours, or the mail order department is closed. As soon as an order is printed, it is moved into PY Printed

On Hold:
These are orders that were placed on hold for many reasons. For example, the credit card number comes up as bad account number, the credit card declines the order amount, the item order is on backorder or discontinued. We may also place an order on hold for review by our fraud department.

These are orders that were declined by your bank. For example, the credit card number comes up as bad account number, your bank declines the order amount, your billing address does not match the address your bank has on file.
You will need to check with your bank as to why, Your bank may have held your funds in addition to declining your transaction and if so they are the ones holding the funds not us.


In Process, PY Printed or Payment Received:
PY Printed means your order has been printed and will be entered into our systems, In Process is a where all orders will go as soon as they are entered and reviewed by our mail order department. It does not necessarily mean you order is ready to ship, from this point your order cannot be modified or changed and any cancellations could result in a 20% fee.. Payment Received or Packaged Waiting Carrier means your order has been filled and should be shipping soon. You will be emailed a tracking number the night your order ships at which time your order will be marked shipped.


Partially Shipped:
If an order has some parts ready to ship, and some on backorder, or shipping from a warehouse farther away, it is possible that the order will be partially shipped. In most cases your order will ship as one and when all parts arrive if ordered. Normally we make every attempt to contact our customers prior to shipment.

An order is only complete when all the parts on the order have been shipped. At this time you will be emailed the tracking number at close of our business day. Please allow ample time to receive your order and also note shippers do not count the day an order shipped, Sat or Sunday for delivery times.

When an order is canceled, we have either had contact with the customer and established that the order be canceled, or the order was unable to be processed on our end. This may mean that the part has been discontinued, or we have tried to contact the customer regarding an order on hold and have gotten no response.

To check the status of your order if you registered when ordering Login To Your Account on the Login Area. Or Click Here
Some orders may not ship the day your order was submitted. Our website does not list if items are in stock on many items,  Please do not ASSUME that if it is shown here we have it in stock and ready to ship since not all items shown herein are in stock and as such will be special ordered as needed to fill your order, Some in stock items will be posted as In Stock on that product. Tracking numbers are sent the night an order ships.
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