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For our Customers fraud protection we can only ship to the physcial billing address or an alternate ship address that your credit card issuer has on file for you. 
If your credit card billing address is different from your shipping address or is a P.O. Box.
You will need to contact the credit card bank and add the alternate physcial shipping address to your credit card, once we confirm that address with your bank your order can proceed.
We will also need your credit card bank phone number if you are shipping to an address other than what they have on file for you. Please call us if you help with this.

This policy applies to phone orders also as the same systems are used to charge credit card orders.

The cart may allow you to checkout with a P.O Box however your order will be put on hold, we will contact you for your credit card bank phone number and confirm the ship address with them.
Placing a phone order will not solve this as we will still need to contact your bank.  If your order is declined please contact us so we can help you with it.

FedEx and UPS cannot deliver to a PO Box.
Your credit card is not charged prior to shipping your order. When your order is placed Your Bank will authorize your card for the order amount. If you are using a Debit Card your bank may allocate those funds from your account and may not allow you to use those funds.

If your order is canceled or declined the unused or pre-authorized funds can only be released by your bank and its terms.
We cannot release a unused authorization on your debit card, only your bank can release these before the time frame they have determined.

We do not charge a credit card prior to shipping an order.

Once your order is completed by us and ready to ship your card will be charged using the pre-authorization if possible. We will use the original authorization number within the allowed time frame by your bank to complete your order.



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