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Blue Marble High Performance 2 Cycle Oil

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Blue Marble High Performance 2 Cycle Oil At Parker Yamaha
Our Online Price: From $10.50 to $34.95
Manufacturer: Blue Marble
Manufacturer Part No: 82500
Condition: New

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Blue Marble High Performance 2 Cycle Oil. Patented technology creates a surface conversion and improves combustion efficiencies. Ashless, high detergent, top-quality lubricant that meets the needs of all high performance 2-cycle engines(air or water cooled and injection or premix. Base oil is highly refined white mineral oil, which is inherently biodegradable. Meets or exceeds the requirements of JASO FC, ISO EGD, and TC-W3 specifications. Anti-friction, more power, increase fuel efficiency, less smoke and odorless carbon build up. Excellent cold weather formulation with a pour point of -50 F. Pre-mix or oil injection.

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